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January 30, 2016

Our brand voice should come through loud and clear in everything we do. From our website, to the Uberflip app, to the copy on our hot pink swag—our brand is a reflection of who we are, what we stand for, and how we express ourselves.

With a name like Uberflip (and a hot pink logo), we don’t take ourselves too seriously! We want to make sure our brand voice reflects our easy-going attitude while still providing value and substance to our audience, customers, and partners. Here are a few adjectives that describe our brand:

  • Cheeky, but not offensive

  • Accessible, but not fluffy

  • Progressive, but not aloof 

While our brand voice doesn’t change much, the tone we use throughout different types of content must be adapted to the context in which a person is consuming it.

For example, is he or she reading a blog post? Skimming through a support article? Trying to understand an error messaging in the app?

Context is everything and understanding the context will help you adapt the tone as needed.

What we are:

Characteristic Description How to achieve
Cheeky We have a personality, and we're not afraid to show it. Use humor, a casual way of writing, and remain personable.
Accessible We want our customers and visitors to feel as though they can approach us about anything and everything content marketing.  Don't get too technical! If you think something isn't common knowledge, explain it. 
Progressive We want to stay ahead of the curve and implement new strategies and techniques to do so. Present challenges and how to overcome them. Don't just continually rehash old topics (without providing action items!).

What we aren't:

Characteristic Description What to avoid
Offensive Cheekiness doesn't have to mean that we're overly fresh. You can keep a cheeky personality without offending your audience. Using obscenities, touching on sensitive topics, making fun of others, etc.
Fluffy We want our audience to find us accessible, but we don't want to achieve this by being so fluffy that it's impersonal.  Over-the-top happiness, impersonal interactions
Aloof Being progressive is great, as long as we share our journey. Keeping our audience informed of the advancements (and failures) we make helps keep our forward progression grounded. Remain focused and present. Don't appear uninvolved and distinterested.
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