Content Types & Uberflip Examples

January 25, 2016

  • Blog article
  • CTAs
    • For Form and  Link CTAs, keep the copy short & actionable. Make sure the reader knows why they're filling out a form or clicking a link.  
    • Text-based CTA
      • Make the text relevant to the piece of content it's attached to.
      • Don't just write  "click here" – use actionable hyperlinks.
  • eBooks / White papers
    • Long-form and focused on a certain topic rather than an umbrella covering many topics (e.g. SEO for B2B Marketers vs. Content Marketing).
  • Emails (Marketing)
    • There are various types of marketing emails: event invites, webinar invites, newsletter, content announcement, follow-up emails, A-List notifications, etc. The tone of the email varies based on the intended audience & topic.
    • Example: an A-List notification may have a more casual tone than a partner webinar invite.
  • In-app / interface copy
    • Simple explanations are better. Be straightforward & to the point. Use explanatory language without going too technical. Link to further documentation if needed.
  • Knowledge base article
    • Give as much guidance as possible. Readers should be able to walk away from a knowledge base article and know exactly what they need to do. List out steps if possible & use screenshots of the product.
  • Press release
    • Each press release should have a headline & subhead
    • Start the first paragraph with: "LOCATION (Date) –"
    • Link any relevant keywords back to Uberflip 
    • End with Uberflip boilerplate under "About Uberflip"
    • Include media contact 
  • Slideshare
    • When uploading slides, include a short paragraph description and 3 bulleted key takeaways.
  • Social media
    • Keep it professional, yet conversational
    • Follow suggested character guides & formatting for each medium.
    • Add images when you can (they get the most engagement)
      • Twitter
        • Mostly posts from Uberflip & industry blogs & leaders
        • ~10 posts per day
      • Instagram
        • More casual & fun posts (culture, office shots, etc.)
        • Post as needed
      • LinkedIn
        • Keep tone more professional, but not too stuffy!
        • ~2 posts per day
      • Facebook
        • Be relatable. Remember, it's a social platform not a professional one.
        • ~2 posts per day
  • Success message / Error or failure message
    • Success: be short & sweet. Confirm an action/success. If any further explanation is needed, keep it to one or two sentences
    • Failure: keep it short. Do not use accusatory or negative language. Explain what went wrong & give the option to try again or ask for help.
  • Video tutorials
    • Typically 1-2 minutes in length. More technical & informative.
  • Webinars
    • When uploading video, include a short paragraph description and three bulleted key takeaways
  • Website / Landing page copy
    • Website copy: keep it concise without being too dry. Avoid "fluff." 
    • Landing page copy: keep it, on average, around three paragraphs (more or less dependent on need). 
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